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WPE® or "Water Plant Emulsion" is a unique technology patented worldwide, which consists of a microemulsion of oil and water. It allows the formulation of cosmetics and perfumes 100% natural and with very high concentrations of active ingredients for an over-activated efficiency while offering a liquid, light and non-sticky texture.

Présentation et utilisations WPE: Fonctionnalités

Uses of WPE

The WPE® process is a real advance in the field of poly-sensory products: smell, touch, and sight. Indeed, the last tests carried out using the WPE® process have proven the performance of the emulsifier in following areas:

Ultradrops®, secrets of our formulation, are microdroplets resulting from our research. They are 20 times smaller than a cell and literally melt in the heart of the skin to revitalize it from the inside or to perfume it.

Skin-friendly formula designed without any alcohol, solvents or texture agents.

The consistency of the product is similar to that of water: it is non-sticky and non-viscous. The application on the skin is then easy and pleasant to the touch.

The consistency of the product is similar to that of water: it is non-sticky and non-viscous. The application on the skin is then easy and pleasant to the touch.

Woman with Face Cream


Beauty care (face and body): body and bath milks, moisturizers, slimming products, sun care (skin and hair protection), products for children and babies ...

The emulsions produced with WPE® make it possible to formulate products having:
- the same proportions of active ingredients as conventional creams;
- improved and prolonged effectiveness in the surface layer of the epidermis;
- a faster and more uniform application on the body (very fine misting, without pollution ...);
- simple gestures and ergonomics adaptable to targeted applications of products for specific parts of the body (hands, legs, hair, etc.).

2 in 1 or 3 in 1 cosmetics:

- hydration, nutrition and repair of the epidermis;

- perfuming properties of cosmetics ...

Présentation et utilisations WPE: Image
parfum de pulvérisation à main


At a concentration equal to that of a perfume with alcohol (whatever it is):
- much stronger fragrance power (at the same percentage of fragrance base);
- respected olfactory identity;
- longer afterglow;

In addition, the emulsions of perfumes without alcohol and without chemical solvent:
- have moisturizing and softening properties (mists);
- have no drying or photo sensitizing action on the skin (usable in the sun)
- 2 in 1 formulation of moisturizing, nutritious and repairing “perfumes / care” thanks to the possibilities of high concentration of perfume with incorporation of ingredients specific to cosmetics.
- suitable for children and fragile skin.

Finally, perfumes using WPE® technology demonstrate polysensory properties relating to:
- sight (milky appearance: impression of purity and softness);
- smell (power and persistence of smell);
- touch (softness and slippery emulsions).

Présentation et utilisations WPE: Image
Image de alan caishan


Essential oils to be incorporated in the bath water, extra-fluid massage products, room fragrances (aroma diffuser, etc.) ...

Production of massage oil emulsions with 40 to 45% vegetable and / or essential oil:
- sufficiently slippery on the skin for massages;

- very good penetration into the surface layer of the epidermis (the skin is neither shiny nor oily after massages);
- prolongs the effectiveness of the applied products;
- make showers useless after massages.

Benefits of WPE® emulsions for aromatherapy, thalassotherapy and spas products:

- more practical , fine spraying;

- safer , no risk of slipping in baths;

- more economical , no loss of oils during treatments;

- cleaner , easier to clean linen.

Présentation et utilisations WPE: Image





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